Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Vinyl Fence Accessories

A vinyl fence is a great option for securing your home and cutting off the view of the compound from the public especially if you live in a busy neighborhood. It is also beneficial when you have to confine the small children in the compound. The vinyl fence is a good alternative to wooden fence as it has greater resistance to adverse weather, comes in different colors, and is not damaged by the termites.

However, the longevity and quality of the vinyl fence depends on the materials and accessories that you use. It is therefore important that you seek quality materials (even if they come at a price) to avoid having to replace and repair parts of the fence even now and then.
Vinyl Fence Accessories 
At Wholesale Fence Distributors we have many accessories that can enhance the overall look of your fence. Here are various vinyl fence accessories that you need for a strong, safe, and good-looking vinyl fence.
Vinyl Fence Accessories 
  • Gate sockets and locks: You will not be drilling hole into the posts, get good gate sockets for latching the gate when you need it closed. They are also vinyl locks that enables you to close the gate shut at night or when you are not around home.
  •  Screws, screw caps and hole plugs: You need your fence to look great. For that consider buying hole plugs and screw cap covers or the self-tapping screws. These cover the ugly marks on the fence, giving it one smooth look.
  •  Post mounts: The mounts are designed for connecting the posts to either wood or composite decking or concrete surfaces. They ensure that the posts are help firmly on the surface without damage to both the post and the surface.
  • Post Skirts: the post skirts are used to provide a finished look to the post as they offer translation from the post sleeve. You can choose a different color from that of the post.
  •  Picket caps: The picket caps give your fence a distinct look from a far. Some common styles include spade, dogear, square, and gothic.
  • U-mounts: The U-mounts are used to connect the rails to different structures in the compound such as columns or buildings. The mounts are screwed into the structures and the railing of your vinyl fence screwed on the side.
  •  Rook: If you have a round pipe for the railings or posts, the rook slides over the pipe and is fastened with screws.

You can also purchase solar caps or lamp kits to install security lights on your fence. There are many more accessories in the market. Have the accessories professionally installed for longevity.

For more information about our vinyl fence accessories that we have at Wholesale Fence Distributors, please call us at 973-941-8114. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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