Monday, June 12, 2017

Chain Link Fittings

Chain link fittings are a vital part of your chain link fence. They ensure that your chain link fence is well assembled and held in place by the posts. There are different types of chain link fittings that are used during the installation of the chain link fence.

The most common chain link fittings for residential chain link fences are made of aluminum and die cast steel. They are lighter and more economical. As for industrial and commercial settings, malleable steel and cast iron are more popular choices. These are tougher, heavier and are able to handle heavier chains and gates for a longer period of time.

Professional chain link installers will give you a quote for the chain link fittings that you need to have with you during the installation of the chain link fence. Given that there are lots of fittings that are used in the installation process, it is good to have the fence installed by a qualified fence installer.

Common chain link fittings include: 

Brace bands: Attach the horizontal rails and tension wire to terminal posts, the strong posts that
sit at the ends, corners and gates of your fence
Tension bands: Attach the chain link fabric to terminal posts
End rail cups: Attaches the top rail to the corner terminal post
Loop caps
Post caps: Cover the top of the terminal posts to prevent water and other items from getting into the post
Male and female hinges: They are used to enable the movement of the gates and attach them to the terminal posts
Gate fork latches: They are used to secure the gate onto the post on the part that it opens. You can also have a lock that uses a key to open for added security
Panel clamps: Secure tubing pieces parallel to one another and enhance the support of the tubing to the chain link fabric
Tension bar: attaches the chain link fabric and rail to the main post. It ensures that the fabric is in place.

Other common chain link fence fittings include nuts and bolts, line post top, tension wire clip, loop caps and dome caps amongst others.

The strength of your chain link fence is dependent on how well the installation is made. The quality of the installation is dependent on the type and quality of fittings that are used in the installation process. Therefore, it is important to take time and purchase quality fittings. They save you the hassle of having to repair your chain link now and then due to that failure of one or several of the fittings.

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